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What:Double Door
Where:1572 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL
Date:March 16th, 2011
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After bringing new sax player Jon Griffith on board and given our new sound time to adjust, the band is preparing to work on recording 5 songs for their upcoming EP. These songs are exciting and offer a new sound by the band! The songs are Days of Infamy, Not a Hero, The Only Way Back Down, No One Gets Ahead, and Run, Monkey, Run! Pt. I. We'll be performing them live at our upcoming shows along with our other 3 new tracks listed below.

Seratonin Telegram has been selected as the winner for the song "Twitchy Eye" in the Jazz category for Firefly Vodka's Flavor the Music competition. Read more here.

Shortly after new pianist/keyboardest Whitaker Blackall joining, the Telegram have finished tracking 3 new songs entitled "68C", "Villain with a Thousand Teeth", and "Twitchy Eye". We're currently playing these songs live. These 3 alone are worth coming out and listening to, so don't be bashful and pay us a visit at our next show. Check the Upcoming Shows section on the right for upcoming performances' venues, times, and dates. The Telegram is currently booking shows again and will be performing many new songs that they're in the process of rehearsing and tracking.

Seratonin Telegram is opening for Collective Soul at The Rave/Eagles Club Friday, August 7th in Milwaukee, WI! Details about this show are on the right under "Upcoming Shows". Tickets are $30 directly from the band, which is the cheapest route to go.

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